Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Knights Without Shining Armor: A Letter to Women

Cold, hard stone presses against your face as you desperately try to capture a few moments of rest, but between the randomized pitter-patter of water dripping in the distant darkness of the dungeon, and the occasional clickity-clack of rodent feet scurrying between shadows, sleep proves to be far more tricksy than you anticipated.  Then, out of nowhere, you hear it.  It starts out softly, but as it slowly grows louder, you recognize the distinct sound of horse’s hooves galloping across the cobblestones.  Surely it’s not... you think to yourself.  But maybe, just maybe the time has finally come.  Scrambling to the dungeon window, you search the outskirts of the castle wall for some sign...anything that could tell you that he has arrived.  It is hope that has kept you going; hope for this moment.  A dream of one day seeing that golden armor glint against the sunset as your knight rides in to sweep you off of your feet.  So now, encouraged by the sound of hooves against the pavement, you resume your search...
Dear women waiting to meet your future spouses, what if I were to tell you that your knight in shining armor doesn’t exist?  That perfect, or perhaps nearly perfect (if you happen to be among the more reasonable group of women), knight in shining, golden armor will likely never come riding in on that pure, white horse you have always imagined...because he doesn’t exist.  Such things are a thing of legend, a myth, and you will never find him.