Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Finding Yourself in a Beautiful Place

Have you ever just found yourself in a beautiful place?  Tonight I drove until the road dead-ended into the Tennessee River.  Tonight, I found myself in a beautiful place. 

If you notice at the top of this blog post I attached a panorama shot taken from where I sat tonight.  To the east of me (on the left side of the photo),  a rainbow sprouted out of a storm cloud, and to the west, the golden sun slowly sank below the horizon.  Relaxing there in the cool evening air, I found myself surrounded by beauty everywhere I looked.

As I sat there taking pictures and soaking in the beauty of the moment, it occurred to me.  Where I sat was very symbolic of my life at this point in time.  Let me explain.  The past year and a half were a very hard time in my life.  The plans I had for my life were overturned and I suddenly found myself very unsure of anything.  What was God’s will for my life?  Why was this happening to me? Why did everything I loved have to go away?  It seemed that all I could see was the rain and the wind.