Friday, March 13, 2015

Broken Instruments in God's Symphony of Symphonies

It is with much anticipation that I began my first spring tour with the Bryan College Chorale and Chamber Singers last Friday.  During Spring Break of 2014, I had spent the entire break, watching and keeping track of the choir’s spring tour via social media, and desperately wishing I could be there with them.  Not only were all of my friends (with a couple exceptions) sitting on that tour bus having fun together without me, but they were having the opportunity to sing God’s praises all over the states they were touring through.  It was on that break that I decided that, whatever it took, I was going to be in Spring Chorale the next time they went on tour.

Now, just a year later, I sit on the tour bus with 39 of my best friends in the world, en route to our next concert.  I’m so thankful to the Lord for allowing me to be here this time, and I’m thankful to the chorale for accepting me as one of their own, almost as if I had always been one of them.  But with all of the fun that I've had so far, I never expected to get the flu on day two of tour.  Nor did I expect that over the course of the next week, so would nearly every other person on the bus. 

They tell me this is a unique tour with the number of complications that we've had so far.  We have yet to have a single concert with every single member of the chorale onstage.  Even many of the people onstage, have had to mouth the words because they either can’t hit the notes, or will break into a coughing fit if they try.  Between the sickness and intense performance schedule (yesterday we had three concerts in a single day), there isn't much of a chance for voices to recover before they are needed again.  In between each song , we all use the audience’s applause to mask our cacophony of coughing and sniffles.